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Make sure that all your Health Care needs in Spain are addressed with expert advice by turning toTailor Made Healthcare Solutions.

Our aim is to deliver high-quality services in a prompt and professional manner.

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Posted on 12 August, 2022 at 4:40


Why choose a DKV Buildings policy ?

DKV offer 3 levels of cover for your Spanish buildings and contents insurance and our agency will assist enquirers to establish correct values based on recognized rebuilding costs tables for every Province in Spain.

We can offer a very comprehensive cover or perhaps you only want the bare minimum to satisfy the mortgage company.

The DKV home insurance is the only policy in Spain that rewards customers with a NO CLAIMS BONUS for upto 4 years.

Using our English Agency in Spain to arrange your insurance means that you receive a very personal service by phone or email.






DKV Home Assistance will provide a professional, will cover the call-out expenses and up to five hours of labour costs, for the

repair of mechanical and/or electric faults of refrigerator, washing machine, dishwasher and television.




The manufacturer’s warranty has run out.

The appliance is less than seven years old.

The cause of the damage is exclusively due to an internal operation fault and originated in the device itself.


The request for this service is limited to once per annual period of the insurance policy.


Works not included (examples):


• All appliances that are under the manufacturer’s warranty or are older than seven years.


• Breakdowns caused by abnormal, negligent or inappropriate use of the unit or any type of external origin as well as wear and tear, corrosion, oxidation, lack of the maintenance recommended by the manufacturer or defective previous repairs






It provides professional home assistance for certain installation or maintenance works.


The insured can request this service once for every one-year valid period of the insurance policy, with a maximum of 3 hours of labour costs.


Any type of service or works can be requested in the following DKV Home Assistance phone number: 900 810 072 or 976 991 198, 9.00-19.00 (Monday to Friday, not on bank holidays).


The service covers call-out and labour costs. The cost of materials will be borne by the insured person.


Works included (examples of what work you can have done):


• Installation: Shower support and connections, shelves, floor trim, wall corner protector...

• curtain rail fixings

• Window insulation: Fixing glass with silicone

• Repair of internal external shutters

• Assembly of furniture kits

• Fixing mirrors pictures etc



A word of warning when arranging your buildings insurance - A residential insurance policy only covers Long Term renting .

So if you plan to do short holiday lets or airbnb then you need to check with your insurer in writing to ask if the insurance is valid.

Short term letting is normally treated as a business use and hence a commercial insurance is needed.

Tailor Made Healthcare Spain for more information (+34) 956 777 905

Spain and healthcare - Are you confused

Posted on 12 April, 2021 at 6:40


The biggest and most common issue for foreigners in Spain when taking out a medical insurance is understanding the policy and what it actually offers.

Many of you have arranged your medical insurance online direct with the insurance company having been told they offer English speakers in their call centres and all departments. Some of you have taken your private healthcare policy through your bank after being told they are on hand to assist you if you ever have any questions.

Well let`s face it we all have an aversion to call centres, from the ongoing call queues, to the annoying music and then speaking to a person who does not quite get it. All very frustrating and you often come away without crucial detail that should have been included in the explanation.

I recall many years ago when moving to Spain my Spanish bank insisted on selling me a home insurance offering building and contents cover.

I was told that by taking the policy out through the bank I would receive their help and assistance and also have their back up if I had any issues with the insurer. I returned 2 years later to ask why I had been refused a claims settlement for flood damage. The same bank official who sold me the policy just shrugged went to her desk shoved a telephone number in my hand then looked up and said to the person behind me ¨next¨. The number she gave me I already had it was for the customer services.

So if these senarios are familiar to you we would like to suggest you consider the following strategy for arranging any Insurance in Spain.

If you have a direct arranged policy and struggling with it then look to change policy and shop around for any medical insurer but find an agent who will quote you and set it up. Start the process 2 months before renewal as you will need to give 1 months notice before the end of the insurance policies expiry date.

Request a price from an agent directly representing the insurer. Preferably an exclusive agent who speaks your language and offers from the outset help and ongoing support. An agent who is there for you beyond the selling of the insurance. The insurers own agents will have a very good understanding of the policy and will also have their own inhouse contacts within the insurance company. This way by dealing with the agent you can bypass the dreaded call centre. Every Insurer has agents across Spain and a quick internet search will find you a few to approach. Check the agent out and see if there are reviews online for the agency. Obtain a quote and ask questions. That way you can establish the level of professionalism shown by the agent and the willingness to assist. What we rerally want to see are easy to understand explanations and a prompt response time.

A good agent will be there at the end of the phone or quick to reply to any questions and will also know a few shortcuts to achieving what you want from the policy. The agent that offers you good support will also have a vested interest in your renewing the insurance and therefore if you do get a problem with the insurer they will fight your corner.

Also be aware that in Spain when it comes to any insurance you get what you pay for. The cost of insurance calculated against the statistics is an accurate science these days and an insurer will decide where they want to place their product and who they will target. The more expensive the insurance the better the cover. There are three Insurers in Spain who receive a category 1. rating for the network style of medical insurance and when you choose one of these you will get a better cover for a slightly higher premium. Some insurers sell their product based on price and will reduce the cover and add in more exclusions. 

Tell the agent for the insurer you have had a price for that you have been quoted lower cost policies. See what the response is, they should be able to offer a comparable of cover between the insurance companies or point out where the cheaper policy falls short of the policy they have offered you. Did you know that 67% of Spanish medical insurers do not offer Cancer checks or treatment?

Tailor Made Healthcare Solutions offer all customers ongoing support and provide written step by step HOW TO emails.

Do not take our word for it go to a Google page and search Tailor Made Healthcare Spain then click on our GOOGL REVIEWS to see what many of our customers are saying.

Tailor Made Healthcare Spain

[email protected]

The most basic DKV policy offers fast access to a Specialist Doctor

Posted on 15 March, 2021 at 8:20

Living in Spain and getting fast medical attention when you need it.

Many of us have all been there before where the Doctor indicates that he is unhappy about an analysis or maybe something unusual in a Scan.

The stress of being told you have to see a Specialist and then finding out your appointment is in 3 months time. Well in Spain the wait is now often 6 months in addition to the 2 or 3 months it has taken from GP to scan results or analysis results. I am sure that like most of us the reaction to facing a further long delay is that you need to embark on a quicker solution. So you see the Specialist who suddenly fast tracks you for further tests if you want to continue privately. 

Suddenly the cost is mounting with each stage put infront of you,  but you press on because if this is found to be serious then the time saved may prove  precious. The invoices mount up and in no time at all you are at 8.000,00€ and still 3 months away from your State Health first appointment.

Fast access to a Specialist can often prove life saving as a suspicious lump found to be cancerous can develop rapidly in 2 months.

The DKV Integral medical Insurance policy with the highest voluntary excess to reduce cost (excess known as copago in Spain) means that when you are in need of a Specialist you can simply look one up in the DKV network search in towns near you and then phone and book yourself in.

You need to see a Gynecologist then with the DKV policy do not delay phone today and if that one cannot see you quickly enough then dial a few more and find one that can. If you want to get a heart check up then the DKV lowest cost policy the Integral Complet means that you can have a very thorough heart check inclusive of an ECG monitor often within a week. I reiterate that there is no need to get a referral or seek the insurance companies permission. You look up the contact information and dial direct and book a consultation.

Say you were not happy with the consultation perhaps you phoned around to find an Englñish speaking Gynecologist yet when you went you did not really understand what the doctor had said. The DKV Integral policy then permits you to look up an alternative doctor and book yourself a second opinion.

The best news of all is that the lowest cost medical policy with DKV provides an insurance with no cost limits on treatment and taking out the policy when you are well means that everything that arises from the date that you take out cover is insured. What beeter peace of mind can there be than knowing you have a very rapid option available when you migh most need it. 

The Integral Complet policy can be bough for less than the price of many people´s annual holiday. Click this link to see a summary of the medical insurance mentioned." target="_blank"> LINK TO SEE THE  INTERGAL POLICY SUMMARY

Brexit & Covid19 - care for damaged organs

Posted on 24 March, 2020 at 20:00

Tailor Made Healthcare communication to prospective clients regarding immediate medical protection.

I am writing to you because you have been in contact with us about medical care insurance.

The Spanish public health service is overwhelmed and has cancelled virtually all none urgent treatments and appointments. The 2019 national average waiting time for non urgent operations in Spain is 8 months. You get a date after seeing Doctor, referred to Specialist, wait for scans andrebook specialist, then finally you get to book the surgery.

For many these none urgent operations and treatments are important for quality of life and when things eventually return to some sort of normality the same people will once again face a long wait, likely to be much longer than last year.


Whilst the word ´Brexit¨ has temporarily fallen into small significance many British have yet to arrange their residency and perhaps have decided to wait for their local Police stations that closed down for the Covid19 crisis to eventually re-open and  only at that point will they then take out the obligatory private health policy.

So please consider this and let me know if you think it is a good move;

You know you need a policy for residency this is inevitable and  we are all worried about Covid19 so maybe today is the time to act .

Read this article to see what the virus will do to organs and think about the long term affects and treatments that maybe needed for those who have had a serious attack and ended up in hospital.

This article by the National Geographic with facts from Wuhan China explains how the Corona virus attacks the organs, not just lungs and makes it very clear of damage it can cause internally that for many will necessitate long term ongoing medical care.

Click link - 

So you need the insurance for residency so perhaps with  heightened risk of the virus, taking out insurance today is smart thing to do.

Do not wait for a residency appointment, you know you have to have a policy so get protected today ensuring you can get fast easy access to medical treatment in the future.

It is no good trying to get a medical insurance after you are ill as you know all insurance companies exclude pre-existing conditions and if you suffer serious organ damage there is the risk that you will not get insurance at all.

Even when we are back on the streets hopefully in the not too distant future, this virus will remain a threat and until a vaccine / antivirus has been established we should all look for the best possible medical options for our families and the future.

So the message is if you need it for Brexit get it now do not wait to arrange medical insurance.

Please take the time to share this with friends or family and pass the National geographic article link to them as we should all be aware of the potential after affects from Covid19.


Francis Payne

Tailor Made Healthcare Solutions Spain


Posted on 26 February, 2020 at 9:15



When shopping for low price medical insurance the main thing to be aware of in Spain is that with medical insurance you get what you pay for.


In the insurance world looking at the more affordable network policy there are 3 medical insurance companies who have a category 1 rating for the highest level of cover.


They are DKV, Sanitas & AXA all three provide the least exclusions and virtually no limitations on treatment cost.

When you compare an insurance policy you need to compare like for like and these three have virtually similar levels of cover and normally similar prices. You must choose one of these to get the best policy available in Spain for network insurance.


There are many lower cost options in Spain for a network insurance and you may not be aware that 67% of them offer no cancer screening or cover. Consider that 48% of Spanish medical insurers will show a clause stating that transplant surgery is included and people accept this believing in the event they need any sort of transplant, be it organ or even skin graft, that it is completely  covered. Well yes the surgery is covered but the actual donor tissue or organ is in the small print as not covered and the customer then has to pay for it.


Then there are many insurers in the mid range policies who simply add in far too many restrictions. Clauses that state you can have 36 physios in a year . Yet if you have a serious accident and need long term physical rehabilitation you may need physio 2 or 3 times a week for many many months or maybe a year. Again be awre that a mid level network insurer will have a smaller network and usually control who you see, when you need a specialist picking one out for you as opposed to letting you choose from a list. They will insist you always see a general doctor first and get a referral to see a specialist and send you on a very long journey to find one.


These are just some of the many examples


With a category 1 insurer  there will be no limit on treatment cost, the policy provides all treatment necessary until rehabilitated.

DKV  have the largest network of medical facilities across Spain and without any permission needed, you can choose from a list and book a Specialist direct. Also if you are not happy with a Doctor or a Specialist with the DKV policy you can book a second opinion and again no permission needed.


The DKV Professional Integral Policy is the insurance for people who simply need a policy that gives the highest possible level of care.


So yes there are many cheaper options but the fact is you are not getting the best level of cover.

Tailor Made Healthcare Solutions are the no.1 exclusive agent for DKV Seguros. Please contact us for more details 

tel: 956 777 905